TOP 5 Cafe's to work in Medellín

TOP 5 Cafe's to work in Medellín

We know that working from a cafeteria is a trend that's been rising in recent years and you may be tired of going to your already known Starbucks, that's why we bring you our top 5 cafeterias in Medellín to have a good cup of coffee and work!

Pergamino Café

This is a fan favorite, with different locations around the city this cafeteria will be one of your favorites after you visit it. Comfy chairs,good music,tasty food and an environment that will make you stay hours working make Pergamino Café a perfect spot + they are pet friendly!

Vía Primavera-Cra. 37 #8A-37

Calle 10B-CI 10B #36-38

Centro Comercial Oviedo

Fauno Café Cultural

Library themed cafeteria that will make you feel like a college atmosphere with a very chill environment and an outstanding pastry menu.

Centro comercial City Plaza

Café Velvet

With a very modern architecture and good illumination, this cafeteria will catch your attention as soon as you first step in. Belgian styled menu with coffee and lots of chocolate, this cafeteria is a perfect spot for seeking inspiration.

Cra 37 #8A-46


Former house of writer Fernando Gonzalez, this cafeteria has an open space for working outdoors and a very quiet atmosphere, they have a huge variety of food and coffee + vegetarian options. This place has some charm that makes you wanna come back and work for hours.

CI 27 Sur #43 A 61

Semilla Café Coworking

The perfect place to work, this is a coworking style cafeteria but with the advantage of not paying any monthly or rent fees like in a common coworking space. This a place built for digital nomads, travelers, creative people and common people; with 2 floors of comfy seats and great wi-fi, this place will be for sure your favorite of this list.

CI 39C #73-7

If you enjoy meeting interesting people, networking and great coffee, we hope to see you down at the coffee shops on your next visit to Medellin!