Do you know what digital nomads are?

Do you know what digital nomads are?

We know that technology has broken into all spheres of our society, permeates all industries and has changed the way we interact and develop different processes.

It is precisely thanks to technology that concepts such as digital nomads exist. Digital nomadism is a labor and socioeconomic movement that freed professionals from geographical barriers and the routines and schedules of office work, while being a catalyst for change in hierarchies and traditional work structures.

A digital nomad is a person who uses the Internet to carry out his profession, lending his knowledge and skills at the service of various people or companies. Digital nomads work remotely, allowing them greater freedom to move and the ability to live by traveling.

Digital nomadism is not a way of working but a lifestyle, because well a professional could work remotely, but never leave his hometown. Digital nomads take advantage of the freedom that connectivity gives to work from different parts of the world and thus be able to be in constant movement. Generally digital nomads are entrepreneurs, freelancers or remote employees.

Characteristics of digital nomads

· They lead a minimalist lifestyle because it is required by their habit of moving from one place to another.

· They avoid attachments to objects and people, live the experiences while they last and then go on to seek new horizons.

· They focus on their personal goals, having a clear life project.

· They are part of a community due to the rise of this lifestyle that they find in every place they go and in which collaborative work is promoted.

Advantages and disadvantages of being a digital nomad

Like everything, this lifestyle has its positive and negative points, let's see what they are.


· The possibility of knowing many places in the world with their cultures and living experiences that broaden the horizons.

· Digital nomads are the masters of their time and can manage it as they please due to the flexibility of schedules and work for the fulfillment of objectives.

· It increases the quality of life because they live doing what they like while they have the possibility of traveling.


· Personal risk at the security, financial and social level. Arriving in a new place involves a process of adaptation.

· Digital nomads live estranged from their loved ones because they do not have fixed roots. This is an emotional challenge that digital nomads must be prepared for.

· Difficulties to carry out their work because not all places have a good internet connection and coverage.

· Digital nomads work on demand, so they do not have vacations, nor are holidays or weekends respected.

In short, this lifestyle is not for everyone, so if it catches your attention, reflect very well on all the implications and if you are sure, become a citizen of the world with our help and join the ePioneers community. Check out more information here.