Colombia vs Miami, an interesting comparison in costs of living

Colombia vs Miami, an interesting comparison in costs of living

When you are trying to move on from your hometown and lookout for new experiences in a different city or country, the 1st thing you have to think about is the cost of living, how are you going to afford it, where are you going to move but luckily that's one of Colombia´s main features:

-First things first, you need to find somewhere to stay, the average rent per month is USD 222 (1 bedroom apartment) but you can also find a nice hostel or an Airbnb for less than USD 50.

-Utility bill is around USD 90

-Gym memberships are around USD 19

-A pair of shoes $55-65

-Average bus ticket is $ .63USD

Comparing these prices with another city like, for example, Miami, the difference between costs is amazing:

-Average 1 room apartment is between $1,378 and USD 1,948

-Utility bills sums up to USD 206

-Gym membership is USD 51

-A pair of shoes is between $85-105 USD

-Average bus ticket is USD 2.5

In comparison to other major US cities like New York, San Francisco, and LA, the cost of living in Miami is significantly lower but still, it remains a very expensive city to live in, it ranks 37 out of 209 cities in Mercer's cost of living survey.

Of course, you have to have in mind that if your cost of living will be affected by the way you live and the lifestyle choices you make, always keep that in mind.
As you just read, compared to most developed countries, living in Colombia is much cheaper PLUS healthcare in Colombia is much cheaper compared  to the US, that's something you have to keep in mind if you´re trying to think of moving to Colombia.